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Coldwater Autism Awareness Events

April 2: Autism Speak's Light It Up Blue Day 2013
Month: Grassroots Efforts (see articles at right)

Participating Businesses (website/publicity)

Other Helping Businesses

The Home Depot (selling Light it Up Blue
    lanterns and light bulbs)

Local Support Groups

Blessed Branches - Treasured Leaves

Branch Autism & Special Needs Support Network (on Facebook)


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April is National Autism Awareness Month!

In the 1970s, the Autism Society designated April as National Autism Awareness Month in order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism. There is no governing authority formally pronouncing Autism Awareness Month, nor is there any official website, but rather, National Autism Awareness Month is a grassroots effort recognized by millions of families affected by autism. Businesses and organizations are participating in spreading autism awareness specifically because of the efforts of these families. Read more...

Grass Roots in 2013

Aside from and Home Depot, we are not aware of any formal efforts by businesses to promote autism awareness in 2013. However, thanks to all the efforts and publicity in 2012, the Coldwater community already has a much greater autism awareness, and thanks to groups like Blessed Branches and the new Branch Autism and Special Needs Support Network, more families with autistic children are being supported and helped. Thank you, Coldwater, for your support!

However, "grass roots" efforts will continue in 2013! Be sure to look for individuals and families promoting autism awareness this month. Look for blue hair, clothing, ribbons, or bracelets. Look also for the "puzzle piece" logo. When you encounter one of these individuals this month, be sure to ask them if they know someone who is autistic and how it has affected them.

Autism Awareness in the Local Media

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Autistic Child Factor in Educator's Path (The Daily Reporter, 4/4/12)

Autism Spectrum Presents Challenges (The Daily Reporter, 4/3/12, released online 5/2/12)
Autism Awareness Subject of Day, Month (The Daily Reporter, 4/2/12)
Autism in Children on the Rise (WTVB, 3/30/12)

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